About Me

Jacob Martens

This blog is a place where I share what I am learning as a educator.  Teachers as professionals continually grow their practice.  In doing this we not only model life-long learning, but also respond to the changes in our students, ourselves, and in our world.

My reading, background and practice is relatively wide: deep in some places and shallow in others.  My passion is student ownership of their learning with the goal of having students leave my class as self-regulated learners: curious, confident, and skilled.  The “frameworks” that I have found useful include AfL, UbD, DI & UDL, and Inquiry (to drop a few education “buzzwords”).  I draw on explicit teaching of content area literacy skills, thoughtful use of technology (digital & analog), embedded formative assessment, and an inquiry mindset to serve my students, and myself, in building our “learning toolkits”.

In September 2015 I left Vancouver to join the Delta School District as their Mathematics Coordinator.  In September 2014 I had returned to the classroom (teaching grade 6/7 at Norma Rose Point) after finishing a three year position as a teacher working in District Learning Services site.  My official title was Peer to Peer Consultant and in my work I supported teachers who are doing or trying something that is new for them.  These include experienced teachers, new teachers, and teachers-on-call.  More about what I used to do… and.  Prior to that I was “just a teacher“.

Delta SD37 Email       Personal Email        Twitter        LinkedIn       Cell:  778 686 4928