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Black Box #1

The sheet below is one that a BC teacher uses to great effect in her classroom. Assume this is the only view we have of the classroom (i.e. its a black box). What must be happening in the classroom? HT Peter Liljedahl

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Learning Map: Grade 6/7 Number

Drawing on the current BC Math IRPs, the new BC Math Curricular Competencies, the BCAMT’s recommended Big Ideas, and the BCAMT’s Developmental Continuum for Mathematics, I created the following Learning Maps: Number – Grade 6 to 7 draft #1 grade … Continue reading


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Formative Assessment in HS Math Class

Here are a few examples of high school mathematics teachers who have made small changes to their practice which have been positive for both the teachers and their students. I highly recommend exploring other posts on these blogs. On exit … Continue reading

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Exit Slips as Practice

Originally posted on Zero-Knowledge Proofs:
There are several ways to use exit slips as formative assessment tools. One way is to simply have the students complete 2 or 3 questions based on the lesson that was done in class. I…

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