Science Learning Intentions – Martens

Learning Intentions

The “NEW” Unit Plans are my best so far (June 2011). They incorporate the most thought including the foundation for Differentiated Instruction. (Note: Future work includes  identifying the criteria by which progress is assessed and  also explicitly list the competencies that students will build).

This blog post tells the back story of how I came to present my “unit plans” in this format.  Here is an overview of the process I use to develop the unit plans.

Intermediate Learning Intentions

The Earths Crust
Adapt Or Die – Biodiversity Learning Map
More to come

Science 8 Learning Intentions

Matter – 2010 (updated version)
Pressure 2009
Fluids 2009
Cells – NEW
Body Systems – NEW

Body Systems 2009
Immune System 2009
Waves 2009
Optics – NEW
Vision 2009
Water 2009
Water 2009 – All

Science 9 Learning Intentions

Science 9 – Reproduction (draft) – NEW    (the process)
Science 9 – Electricity – NEW (the process)

2018 Science 10 Physics Unit

Sc 10 Physics – Energy Unit Plan (2018)

Old Physics 11 Learning Intentions

Optics – NEW
Kinematics – NEW
Forces – NEW

Older Physics 11 Unit Plans

Unit Plan – Kinematics I     Unit Plan – Kinematics II     Unit Plan – Forces
Unit Plan – Newton’s Laws    Unit Plan – Momentum    Unit Plan – Work & Energy
Unit Plan – Waves    Unit Plan – Optics I    Unit Plan – Optics II
Unit Plan – Special Relativity


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