Blogging Workshop

“What is a blog?  Why would a teacher have one?  How can a teacher or class blog be used to support student learning &/or build relationships with parents & teachers?”

In this workshop you be introduced to blogs & blogging and have the opportunity to explore many different teacher blogs being used in different ways.  You will leave this session with a broader view of how this low cost tool can have a big impact.


Presentation – Why Teachers Might Blog (PDF)
The Value of Connecting with Others
 (4 min. Animate on where Good Ideas Come From)
Blogging Flowchart

Examples of Blogs

VSB Secondary Teachers
VSB Elementary Teachers
Other Teacher Sites

If you plan to start a blog:

So You’re Thinking of Blogging (post by Aaron Mueller)

New WordPress Blog Planning Worksheet (created by Jacob Martens) (the MS Word of blogging)
Learn WordPress (support of new bloggers)
Why Wordpress?
Blogging Guide
Blogger (Google’s blogging service)

If you are thinking of blogging with your students

KidBlog – Blogs for Teachers (text-only blogs for young writers)
Edublogs (a WordPress powered blogging service for teachers – subscription)
Edublogs User Guide


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