Just Saying…

200wIts NOT:

  • implementing a new curriculum
  • 21st century teaching & learning
  • building inclusive classrooms
  • learning through inquiry
  • project-based learning
  • standards-based grading
  • <insert something else you think you ‘have to do’>

Its about all of us getting our collective sh*t together and doing what people have known for decades about what works for learning.

Sure we have a lot of new evidence about what works.  And we have frameworks for making systemic changes so that more of us are doing more of what works more often.

Don’t get me wrong.  The above are not bad things.  As a matter of fact I think they are very good things.  I’m not knocking “new” approaches.  I’m just saying that they are not a new as we think they are and cautioning us to not get caught up with the latest ‘thing’ we are ‘doing’.

Whatever it is we are doing or feel we have to do, what is absolutely essential is that we the adult(s):

And… if there is something that we need to know or know how to do to help our learners learn, then we need to get on our bikes and pedal hard to learn it ASAP.  Because all our learners need us to know it.

*I liked the way Dylan Wiliam put these so I borrowed his wording from p.152 of Embedded Formative Assessment

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Black Box #1

The sheet below is one that a BC teacher uses to great effect in her classroom.

Assume this is the only view we have of the classroom (i.e. its a black box).

What must be happening in the classroom?


HT Peter Liljedahl

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Term Overview Examples

Source of our inspiration: Glenpark School in Plymouth UK
New source of inspiration (HT Dallas Thor)
If you are inspired to do something similar please share back (would love some intermediate examples).  Downloadable Template (word)

K-1 Example (@anniekinders) SD37


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Grade 1 Example (S.M.) SD37


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Grade 2 Example (S.M.) SD37


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Your example here?

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UbD – Stage 1 Example(s)

More to come as time permits and as others generate.

If you have something to share please send to jacob@renomyclass.com and I’ll add it to this post (and credit you of course)


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UbD Lite

Some examples of teachers clarifying and sharing learning intentions

More examples

PPT Slides

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Term Overviews – Elementary Examples

Home page:
Year 1 Fall Overview
Year 2 Fall Overview
Year 3 Fall Overview
Year 4 Fall Overview
Year 5 Fall Overview
Year 6 Fall Overview
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Resources – Aboriginal Perspectives

principlesoflearningthumbWeaving Aboriginal Perspectives into the Curriculum (SD37)

Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom

First Peoples Principles of Learning (J. Chrona)

First Peoples Principles of Learning (BC Ministry of Ed)

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