Last week, for the first time that I can remember in my career as a teacher, I hit the wall.  It was epic.  One minute I’m saving my students from illiteracy and then WHAM – I hit the wall like Wile E Coyote.  In reality, I was teaching an English 12 student how to write an academic essay and she got stuck and couldn’t seem to get unstuck.  And then I got stuck.  I tried pretty much everything I knew how to do to help her understand and nothing seemed to help.  I felt like a vehicle stuck in deep mud or snow and no matter how much you push down on the gas, the tires just keep spinning – going nowhere.  And it wasn’t like I was dealing with a disengaged, couldn’t-care-less-about-school student.  She’s bright and highly motivated.  What kind of teacher can’t teach an engaged, smart, highly motivated student?  Hi. …

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About J Martens

Educator living in Vancouver and working in SD37 Delta. Supporting Numeracy while learning how formative assessment, literacy, inquiry, and technology serve to improve learning and increase engagement (for teachers & students).
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