Learning Intentions – Science 9 Electricity

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Microsoft Clip Art 2012

During the past two weeks I have been co-teaching in a Science 9 classroom.  One thing that came out of that time was a unit overview for the Electricity topic of the BC Science 9 curriculum.

The unit overview addresses all four ministry-mandated Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Science 9 Electricity as can be seen in this working version of the Electricity unit overview.


About J Martens

Educator living in Vancouver and working in SD37 Delta. Supporting Numeracy while learning how formative assessment, literacy, inquiry, and technology serve to improve learning and increase engagement (for teachers & students).
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2 Responses to Learning Intentions – Science 9 Electricity

  1. Rosalind Kellett says:

    thank you. very useful. Ros Kellett Hamber sec school

  2. J Martens says:

    You are welcome — thanks for the feedback.
    What did you think of the Sc 9 Reproduction Learning Intentions?

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