Additional Self-Regulation Resources

Via Charlie Naylor:

Resources gathered by BCTF Information Services (Emily O’Neill and Karen Rojem) on self-regulation that was done for one of the Okanagan Inquiry groups.

Dr. Charles Pascal
Profile of Ontario’s Early Learning Advisor
Early Learning Report Summary
Early Learning Report
Curriculum & Pedagogy for the Early Learning Program
Summary of Evidence – compendium to Early Learning Report

Adele Diamond
Her lab
NPR article and audio clip
More info re: Tools of the Mind

Barry Zimmerman: Biography/overview

Stuart Shanker
This seems to be a fairly up-to-date resume/bibliography
Education Canada, “Self-Regulation: Calm, Alert, and Learning.”
The Science of Early Brain Development” – PowerPoint presentation, December 2009 contains a number of slides dedicated to self-regulation
In Search of the Pathways that Lead to Mentally Healthy Children” [cited in PPT], Journal of Developmental Processes 3(1), 22-33
Foreword to Every Child, Every Opportunity: Curriculum and Pedagogy for the Early Learning Program, Govt. of Ontario
Quoted in, “How a marshmallow can predict your future,” Toronto Star, 2 Nov 2009 [article is about self-regulation in children]
E. Bialystok, S.B. Sherry, S. Shanker & J. Codd, “Executive Function Deficits in Children With Autism,” The Journal of Developmental and Learning Disorders (Note: this is the only article that we were able to find written by Shanker that addresses self-regulation exclusively)

Of possible interest:
Shanker is on the Advisory Board of MEHRI, the Milton & Ethel Harris Research Initiative at York University:


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